• “Wonderful! This was a fantastic experience!! It gives going on safari a whole new meaning.Thanks very much” – Toni Whittal – Dow Plastics.

• “Congratulations on a well organised, efficient highly effective and vibrant business.Your difference makes the difference! Congrats” – Ken Morgan – Quadro Plastics.

• “10/10 – really the whole experience leaves me speechless!” – Ray Jones – Dow Plastics

• “Unacananata!!” – Ian Banner – Richemont Group London.

“Fantastic” – Angelo Bonati- Richemont Group Italy

• “One of my best experiences!” – Dieter Zimmerman -Richemont Group. Germany

• “Words can’t describe” – Clive Butlow – Accenture.

• “This place is a brilliant combination of African splendour & luxury as well as the great outdoors!” – Jo-Anne Strauss – Miss South Africa 2001.

• “This has been the highlight of southern Africa I had a wonderful time. God bless” – Carrie Anne Stroup – Miss USA.

• “The time spent here belongs to the most beautiful experience in my life. Thank you very much” – Andrea Fisenova – Miss Czech Republic.

• “The whole experience was super”– Bruce Williamson – Hunt Lascaris.

• “Peter your guys are tops – professional, friendly, dynamic, positive – Thanks you very much!”– Colonel Paul Edgar – South African Airforce.

• “Everything was so professional – it was an outstanding experience” – Amanda Maas – Johnson & Johnson.

• “Attention to “old world” camp detail and core for the entertainment – pure rating numbers do not do justice to this experience. ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT – WELL DONE KEEP IT UP” – KM- Woolworth’s