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Grand safari greetings,

There is truly an aura of unbelievable excitement setting up temporary luxury tented camps in pristine wilderness areas. It truly enthralls me!

That bubbling heartfelt expectation when scouting various optional sites by air, then by 4×4 and on foot, looking for the perfect environment, really gets my adrenaline going, especially when it’s in big 5 and in never been camped before virgin territory.

It is really as authentic as it ever was and has an air of antiquity attached to it. Imagination runs rife as one starts moving equipment in one’s mind into place – this tree for that tent, this tent for that view, as one conjures up the forthcoming scene to be!

I want the guests to walk into the campsite and exclaim “has this been done just for us!” I want the wildlife to become inquisitive and come and investigate what all the fuss is about. Where will the moon rise after the setting sun departs, and will sunrise be something worth getting out of bed for? Will this site provide us with total exclusivity and privacy and does the area provide the very best opportunities for our guests to maximize their 3 night/4-day African wilderness safari?

In short, I’m in the business of enthralling my guests on their once in a lifetime grand safari with their group. As a 6th generation South African, enthralling visiting guests runs deeply through my veins. It’s so easy being immensely proud of our country and its people. They all aspire to producing their very best when it comes to impressing our esteemed guests!

That’s really what ensures I keep producing one award winning safari event after another. It’s the ultimate privilege and my greatest pleasure being of safari service to the world’s top opinion leaders and producers.

And, I don’t mind telling you that I’ve never ever missed a grand safari event I’ve choreographed since the day I created my first one, way back in 1991. Yes, I’ve planned and made each and every safari event happen and with one of South Africa’s best executive teams and safari crew, it’s always a pleasure.

There has been nothing easy about this game but there are not many alternative lifestyles that can compare with this.

It’s perhaps time to consider your next grand safari event? What area in southern Africa would you choose for your amazing adventure and wildlife experience?

No matter where, I’ll make it my business to ensure it is an outstanding big group safari event. You have my word.

I look forward to chatting through it with you soon.

Keep exploring,

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