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ind a blue diamond on your next Big Five Diamond Safari business incentive programme situated just an hours’ drive from Johannesburg with Hayward Safaris and diamonds sourced from the world-famous Cullinan Mine, home of the the richest source of rare blue diamonds in the world.

Dolly Parton might has said “It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world,” but not for those visiting Hayward Safaris in Gauteng, South Africa.

Offering the best big group big five mobile safari on the continent, Hayward Safaris will add a unique sparkle to your next annual incentive programme by incorporating diamonds which offer an everlasting and prestigious reward to incentive participants symbolic with royalty and revered the world over.

Situated in the big five Dinokeng region Hayward Safari headquarters lie 30km away from Cullinan Mine, the world’s main source for rare blue diamonds and home to the Cullinan Star Cut® – “the diamond with a star at its heart”.

Why are Cullinan Diamonds so famous?

Cullinan Diamond Mine, originally owned by and named after the town’s most famous resident, Sir Thomas Cullinan, has given the world some of the most remarkable stones ever discovered. This famous landmark is the source of the most famous diamond ever unearthed – the 3 106 carat Cullinan Diamond found in 1905.

The diamond weighed 3024¾ South African carats, which was 3106 metric carats, and measured 4 by 2½ by 2 inches. The stone was bought by the Transvaal Government and presented to King Edward. It was then cut by Joseph Asscher into nine major gems and various smaller brilliants. The two largest gems were retained for the Crown Jewels; the rest were given to Asscher for his fee. King Edward bought one for his consort, Queen Alexandra.

The people of South Africa bought the other six major gems and presented them to Queen Mary in 1910. The largest stone is a 520.2 carat pear-shaped diamond and at that time was the largest cut diamond in the world.

This is known as the Cullinan I and is also called the Great Star of Africa. It is set in the Imperial Scepter and is on display at the Tower of London. The second stone, Cullinan II or the Lesser Star of Africa, was then the second-largest cut stone in the world at 317.4 carats and is set in the Imperial State Crown. This is also on display at the Tower.

Historically, Cullinan Diamond Mine has generated 25% of the worlds diamonds over 400 carats and remains the world’s main source for rare blue diamonds.

The Cullinan Star Cut®

The true brilliance of diamonds can only be captured through the amount of light that is able to penetrate the precision cut facets. To your eye, the light that is absorbed by the angle, pattern and proportion of the facets allows the stone to reflect a fiery, radiant sparkle. Cut and clarity are crucial to the fire of a diamond, which is why the Cullinan Star Cut® is so unique.

Featuring 66 facets, eight more than the standard 58 facet gem diamond, the Cullinan Star Cut® ensures that each stone radiates a passion so bright and clear that it resembles heaven’s stars, at the heart of the jewel.

All Cullinan Star Cut® gem diamonds are coupled with an international certification of their quality, veracity and value. With the Cullinan Certificate of Provenance you have the promise of quality, value and authenticity.

While your diamond may hold a story of mystery and magic, what you can be certain of is the fact that it was mined from the home of the most excellent stones ever unearthed.

The 4 C’s

These 4C’s guarantee diamond quality.

The Cut: This refers to the angle and proportion of the stone. Imagine the facets are tiny mirrors bouncing light from angle to angle, beaming from the top and catching your eye. Cut too shallow, a diamond will lose its lustre. The Cut also includes the shape of the diamond. A Round Brilliant Cut is considered the most brilliant cut of them all as it absorbs and reflects the most light.

The Carat Weight: Diamonds are measured and weighed in carats with 1 carat representing .2 grams. The carat weight was traditionally measured against the carab seed, which were almost always the same size and weight allowing diamond traders to accurately evaluate their stock. As larger diamonds are rare, a 1 carat diamond will fetch a higher purchase price than two 0.5 carat diamonds provided all other characteristics are the same.

The Colour: The colour of a diamond is graded from D to Z. The more colourless a stone, the more valuable it is. D, E and F represent truly colourless stones with the highest quality – making them considerably rare. Gradings from K to M have a slight hint of colour and as you go down the scale you’ll notice subtle colour changes in hue and tone. While the colourless stones are rare and valuable, coloured diamonds are even more exceptional. Called Fancy Diamonds, these stones are the rarest and hence the most valuable.

The Clarity: When diamonds are extracted, tiny traces of natural elements are sometimes caught inside, called inclusions. When polishing the diamond, the aim is always to reduce the number of flaws or impurities in the stone.

Where will you find your Safari incentive diamond?

Part of an initiative by the Gauteng government to establish a tourist destination close to urban areas, Dinokeng lies about 45 minutes north-east of Johannesburg and a mere 15-minute drive from Pretoria.

Dinokeng, which means “place of rivers”, boasts a  range of rich natural, cultural and historical heritage sites, and is home to Hayward Safari headquarters and the big five Dinokeng Wildlife Reserve and the Victorian town of Cullinan, making it the perfect incentive getaway for groups of up to 200 corporate participants.

Rewarding a bright future

The gems unearthed at the Cullinan Diamond mine are flawless, timeless, and priceless and have inspired myths and romances; they’ve been possessed by royalty, starlets and adventurers.

A corporate Diamond Safari incentive is a perfect way to motivate and reward your valuable employees in a wild and exciting big five game reserve, where the group’s every luxury is catered for.

We have to agree with Elizabeth Taylor when she said, “big girls need big diamonds”.

Book your next big group diamond safari incentive with Hayward Safaris and experience a world class event in the beauty and history of South Africa and immerse yourself in the making of legends with Hayward Safaris and Cullinan Diamonds.

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