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Africa is diverse, mysterious, fascinating; and offers perennial value in authentic luxury tented camp experiences across an enormous array of traveler’s choices.

In the footsteps of the great explorers and pioneers in flora, fauna, maps and stars, the award-winning Haywards mobile luxury tented camp for corporate and private groups of 40 to 200 guests offers a classic luxury safari experience for highly privileged and unforgettable expeditions to intimate wildlife destinations that money can’t buy.

Traversing southern Africa, the Hayward’s GrandSafari© is a hand-selected adventure to bespoke destinations across the continent to match the group’s incentive profile and luxury tented camp travel needs.

“There’s no doubt that memories motivate us,” says Peter Hayward, host and pioneer in safari luxury tented camp adventures for over two decades.

“Africa delivers the kind of memories that are hard to match anywhere else. Once immersed in pristine nature the distractions of the world fall away. Witnessing a curious troupe of wild elephant passing through camp, so close you can hear their stomachs rumble, is going to stay with you forever.

“Even our South African-based corporates who have stayed domestic on their incentive trips say they can’t find an experience anywhere else to match a GrandSafari© and it’s certainly not a luxury tented camp experience their top performers can take on their own.”

Why Safari?

A safari utilizes the power of nature to tap into our emotional center; it inspires and connects us. A mobile luxury tented camp safari provides an exclusive environment.

As safari outfitters, the Hayward’s team provide meticulous attention to detail in each luxury tented camp so the group can immerse itself in the thrill of Big 5 game-viewing, hot-air balloon safaris, ocean safaris, cultural interactions, diamond incentives, spas, fine-dining, whiskey tastings and other special interest events.

There are endless handpicked leisure and activity options to choose from when on a mobile 5-star safari lodge expedition. And in Africa it offers perennial value in authentic luxury tented camp experiences from romantic destination weddings to heart-stopping adventure to intimate and enchanted evenings with no other distractions. This is the ultimate safari luxury tented camp experience in the world’s most sought after wildlife reserves providing the ultimate in a rewards trip or heritage family occasion for high achievers.

Why charter your own Safari luxury tented camp?

A safari is exotic and singular to Africa, and the options available on a luxury tented camp are endless with easy transfers, flexible function space and alternative highlights on offer whether the participants are Millennials or Baby Boomers; everyone gets it.

“Its Nature at her best. We go above and beyond to manage the details of each luxury tented camp, so the planner can focus on the guests whether its an association group, family celebration or gathering of college alumni who have chosen the breathtaking beauty of the bushveld and simple surroundings of Africa’s natural elements,” says Peter.

Classic Safaris to Destinations Unexplored

“Each safari luxury tented camp is themed within the destination of choice whether it’s a Classic Gentleman’s Safari© or a Sacred Safari© in any of the incentive-quality destinations we offer. We ensure you get to choose your own private safari luxury tented camp offering of choice right down to the type of salt you want to use or whether you sip Moet or Grey Goose, prefer Cuban cigars to Honduran.

“You may be untraceable in the deepest parts of untouched Africa but we want you to enjoy your ultimate pleasures. Its 5-star nature bespoke to you, our client. Hayward’s is here to indulge your spirit of adventure and fascination for something new, taking a group above and beyond their daily experiences to indulge and motivate teams and top performers for an experience of a lifetime.

“We know the lay of the land and how to bring best highlights of an authentic expedition in Nature in remotest Africa to the fore. Together with our guides, rangers, butlers, chefs, bearers and camp staff, we take you really close to nature in places often never experienced by humans before, thanks to the mobility of a luxury tented camp safari.

“The true beauty of the Hayward’s GrandSafari© is that we are honored with access to the most pristine and protected wildlife environments on the continent because we leave no trace behind. We are completely sustainable, eco-friendly and a fully bonded and insured safari outfitter who live up to our name of ‘World’s Best’ by the World Travel Awards. The only idea that someone might have been there, once we have packed up your luxury tented camp again, is perhaps some flattened grass.”

Where can Haywards take you on a Grand Safari©?

Premium Kruger – as the first private safari operator allowed deep into the heart of the Kruger National Park’s bushveld, savannah and riverine landscapes found at the confluence of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, this camp is the ultimate luxury tented camp with private access to wildlife infested areas where there are no other tourists in sight.

Cradle of Humankind – just a 45-minute drive from Sandton, Johannesburg, meet majestic wildlife on a luxury tented camp safari surrounded by dolomite caves, fossils and fascinating paleontology that reaches back the eons to signs of first man.

Kalahari Transfrontier – Charter your luxury tented camp where red dunes glow in the setting sun, where big game fascinate during the day and desert and dune dinners drink in the majesty of the starlit night sky.

Namib Desert – travel in the footsteps of the San Bushmen on a luxury tented camp where vast moonscapes pay homage to habitats called home to over 70 species of mammals.

Pilanesburg – a malari-free volcanic reserve with vast herds of species, the Pilanesburg is perfect for team-building activities when on a luxury tented camp safari and close to urban adventures.

Okavango Delta – a land of contrasts where you set up your private luxury tented camp deep in the prolific wildlife waterways where you safari on boats and have access to world-class bird-viewing.

Waterberg Wilderness – a privately owned 80 000 acre reserve encompassing the Waterberg Plateau where your luxury tented camp sees wildlife abound and shares history and knowledge for future preservation through the Wildlife School.

Sacred Dinokeng – meaning Place of Rivers, the 55 000 acres of private game reserve area offers easy access to the Big 5 – reach your luxury tented camp by helicopter, shuttle bus or steam train.

iSimangaliso – is a marine park and the world’s biggest wetland reserve offering glimpses at rare species as well as the Big 5, big game fish and whales and dolphins. The luxury tented camp destination that has it all.

Haywards are also renowned for setting up extremely private, luxury tented camps on private land owned by business tycoons wishing for a truly intimate Safari experience.

Please visit to choose your wildlife destination of choice.

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