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Warm safari greeting to you!

2015 is upon us and we all have dreams and aspirations for a great year of Travel & Explorations for our businesses and the clients in the Meeting, Events Incentives and Events sectors we serve. Here are some tips to ensure you close the business you are quoting on.


  • Give the groups that travel through you TOTAL EXCLUSIVE USE of the venues they choose. This ups the value and the quality of the event by 10x.
  • Ensure the venue’s SENIOR EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT are assigned to the success of the event – personally – and are present when it all happens. No handing this to juniors on the day your VIP’s arrive!
  • Lessen any surprises. Once you have paid the venue a deposit are they willing to do a FREE Chefs Table (food taste, wine paring menu selection), with inspections of cutlery, crockery, room decor options, waiter uniforms, entertainment options and the envisioned schedule of your event – minute by minute etc. for you and your management team? Or is your VIP event built on promises?
  • What can the venue do that is not their normal “run of the mill”? Can they go beyond the normal presentation? Can they show you their latest letters of commendation from past clients and guests? See example here.
  • What’s the deal if the venue does not deliver and you receive hordes of guest complaints? Is this clear up front? Is the venue SATSA COMPLIANT or linked to a reputable tourism body that ensures they are solvent, capable and operating with repute? What is their service delivery promise to you?

Hayward’s Grand Safari Company prides itself in ensuring these points are all in for each and every grand safari event we do. After all, camping is for people who can’t afford hotels – but safaris are for people who are bored with hotels.

See you on safari in 2015! 

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