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Safari greetings !

With thousands of hotel and resort packages on every shelf, and even below many a kitchen sink, is there still an opportunity to put something unique, if not rare in front of a client?

Big hotels, resorts or lodges are well known, well frequented and well, …they get boring if used too often.

When competing for that prime account, what really are your “own” options? What sets your company apart from the rest? Where can you truly bring your own creativity to the fore and win the account for years to come?

Will client look at your masterfully created package with a glazed look in his eye?

He or she, has not got an enviable task. Taking their top 100 overindulged performers, or VIP clients, or associates away for something they themselves could never have conceived or had the opportunity to experience is quite a challenge.

Top sales professionals will tell us it was never the price but rather the emotion of the presentation that unlocked the clients imagination and got them to understand how a great event, well executed resulted in brand positioning of invaluable proportions.

2013 was a record year at Hayward’s Safari Sanctuary our home base, just north of Pretoria. Some of the world’s leading brands came to experience, the Hayward’s Grand Safari magic. They were guided in by an array of outstanding travel & event consultants.

From Ferrari launching their 458 Speciale with a pride of lions pacing around to the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser taking on the infamous Boekenhoutskloof. Premier Foods launching their vision for 2014 and beyond at Africa’s biggest Traders Oasis yet was a career highlight for many. In between the corporate flurry that continued unabated special time was created for a private Out of Africa wedding event that ran over a weekend and sealed the year with romantic flair.

As a Pathfinder, your success is important to me and to the entire industry. Our industry wins when we combine our strengths to create magic for the client.

There are no boxes to think “out of” at Hayward’s.  Each event starts as a blank canvas and the tents on sacred ground do the rest.Tell me a little more about yourself here.

Yours sincerely

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