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Grand safari greetings

There are many moments we capture in our minds as we move through our journey of experiences that life has in store for us.

Nowadays of course, we capture this on our phones or our cameras. There are pictures we reflect on that bring us a great sense of joy such as those of our intimate family moments and there are those that we look at that, that turn on the moment and bring alive all our senses, the tastes, the smells, the colours, the light, the space etc… Just to mention a few that assist us to recall and cherish the moments.

At Hayward’s Safari Camps we have gone out of our way to ensure all of these experiential moments come together in a celebration of life that impacts each and every guest in a way that is special to them.

Can you recall such a moment you experienced on your safari at Hayward’s, #fname? Do you have a photograph of your time with us that “says it all”? Perhaps you could remember that time and express it all with pen to paper?

Perhaps a moment you can recall of the camp, the crackling log fire, the infamous Gin Tent dining experience with swirling waiters and the drumbeat of the musicians – or even that moment of encountering one of the big 5 on your game drive that has stuck with you forever?

As I approach three decades of the Grand Safari tented camp experience I’ve produced I’d like so much to reconnect with you again through this.

Please take a moment to submit your memory HERE with any explanation or note or write up you have and I’ll be in touch soon.

If you haven’t visited Hayward’s before & would like to attend a site visit give us your details here and we’d love to arrange a site visit for you.

Looking forward,

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