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There is an undercurrent in the event and incentive market to package the marvelous and the extraordinary – but at what seems to be highly restricted rates. It does not seem to have gotten any better since 2010 and in many cases it has not.

The industry may even be under siege as it grapples with tough budgetary challenges, increased VAT, political instability and rising fuel prices. Suddenly, producing dream events and functions is no longer that simple (not that it ever was).

Are there solutions to this for the event, tour and meetings agent? What are some of the leaders in the industry doing to still provide 5 Star plus events and safaris but at 3 Star budgets?

What can we do at Hayward’s Grand Safaris to come to this party? Is it a matter of just dropping prices by reducing the quality, service and attention to detail and hoping no one will notice?

One does not see airlines dropping prices en masse or luxury bus companies or trains going that route. Top game lodges are certainly keeping up with the Rand/Dollar exchange rate with rooms in excess of $2000 per night the norm.

I’d appreciate your feedback on this. Do you believe Southern Africa is battling to keep up with the Jones’? Countries such as Thailand, Mauritius, Dubai, and regions such as Eastern Europe are providing very competitive pricing. Do we still represent great value for money in the world of incentive travel and group fares? Click here to give us your feedback.

Perhaps it’s time to look at the challenges facing South Africa and the event travel world it is so brilliantly placed to serve. Solutions there must be for sure!

I’d love to hear your opinion – perhaps invite you to a campfire one afternoon to discuss these trends and possible solutions.

Until next time.

Keep exploring,

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