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I trust you have been having a bit of well-earned outdoor fun and adventure over the past few weeks since our last communication.

I was contemplating about my next letter to you and what value I could present that may be of interest to you. I like the At The Fireside approach as it opens up thought and stimulates conversation that can often become enlightening – especially if the red wine is of good Cape quality, well aged, mellow and soft on the throat. Under such circumstances with the gentle African sunset matching the colour in your glass, and in good company, one might for a second be lulled into an aimless sort of conversation, based on the niceties of weather and home-baked pies.

But sooner or later as we gather a bit more closer around the fire, someone might ask me how long I’ve been at this grand safari concept, who’s been in camp over the years and what are the funniest or scariest incidences that have happened on safari?

But, getting back to tenacity. I invariably ask myself, “How long at the wheel of fortune is long enough?”

One of the key factors to developing a business is that time doesn’t really come into the equation. You conceptualize something people will want, you define its parameters, design and build it and then produce that product, as there is already a demand for it.

Simple right?

Well, it should be just that simple and sometimes, for the many business geniuses out there, that’s the basic formula. There are a few obstacles out there though.

Take for example “marketing” – getting the product in front of the right public – public that will understand its value. This can become a wild goose chase in the modern techno crazy world that can certainly ruffle your feathers.

Then there’s the sales pitch. Once you’ve approached the right market – can you present your offer in such a way they will value your presence? Will you be able to do this enough times to ensure you can handle your short and long-term financial commitments.

In other words, is the concept you are presenting to the big wide world out there, a flash in the pan or does it have longevity?

In my last letter, we discussed the team – the core of people you select to place in vital positions around you to make sure you can deliver on the promise. That’s a big consideration for sure.

So it goes week after week, year after year. Refine, re-tweak, redevelop, reorganize, refresh, revitalize, refurb etc… a lot of re’s for sure!

You may look up now and again and see time flying by. You may see a myriad of obstacles popping up from nowhere designed to dishearten you. Your closest friends may even start wondering if you have lost it – you family may wonder where you’ve been, never mind your bank manager reminding you timeously that the dusty waterhole is empty and that vast packs of creditors are thirsty.

All this falls under the banner of “business”. And business is a game.

This game is actually all about being interested. Being interested in life and people and being helpful in the very best way you can. Being interesting may seem an obvious point of good PR, but actually its right down on the list of business success requirements.

So its obviously helpful to find your basic purpose as a human being at your earliest convenience! But once you have that in hand, life itself and time will simply demand a bit of tenacity from you. To keep presenting yourself and your right to a place under the sun that potentially will bring loads of joy to many who cross your path. You shouldn’t have to sell your soul in this endeavor.

Of course, one must define the word “successful” too for yourself. As a unique being, you will have a very definitive idea about this. Money and huge financial wealth does not always equal prosperity in my opinion. Being a true professional at your chosen game is what will set you apart and in the end, your balanced lifestyle, obvious to all, will automatically be valuable.

These are some of the life lessons I’ve learnt and what a ride its been so far. Talk about “exploration!” Phew!

To end may I ask you a question?

Who would you invite to tell their tale at an informal camp fireside chat with at Hayward’s? I will continue to invite many such lifestyle guru’s to the African fireside for such interventions in the future and I hope you will join us out here.

Till next time, keep exploring.

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