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Grand safari greetings to you.

I want a hamburger! (Apologies to our vegetarian friends for this simple analogy)

A real solid perfectly juicy hamburger with all the frills, all the toppings but most of all, a pure beef patty.

But have you taken a real good look at the hamburger you’ve always dreamed about?

Is the bun pure gmo-free stone ground wheat – baked to perfection? Are the relishes and sauces home made and complimenting of the fried onions, pickled gherkins and melted grass fed organic cheddar cheese. Perhaps some farm smoked bacon over a 250 gram pure grass fed organic beef patty, grilled over a wood charcoal fire to order, then lovingly wrapped, boxed and presented with your choice of sides – all presented in their freshest, crispness best.

Let’s say you pay US$12 for such a product. You know you’ve received an outstanding burger right? Thought through, in minute detail – layer for layer, topping for topping. You can savour each bite and slowly twirl the flavours around your mouth, almost sorry to send it down the hatch as if some great loss has taken place. Would you buy a glass of the cheapest wine to wash such a masterpiece down?

Or worse still, maybe you think… let me get a slightly cheaper hamburger from the joint round the corner. A hamburger is a hamburger is a hamburger, right? I can save a dollar or two…

But being a genius in burgernomics (all burgers are more or less the same) you are overheard saying to yourself… “I don’t mind week-old buns. I don’t mind a greasy “beef lookalike” patty with yesterday’s onions and a sugary bottled sauce made from cancer ridden condiments. It’s ok that the “cheese” may come from a factory… served by a team that last washed their hands three days back.

The important thing is I’ve just saved a Dollar…

Well. Well done! You’ve just decided your true value to yourself or whoever else you may be buying this less than ideal product for. Having just one bite of such a product “is ok…” no one will notice – only my stomach and the resultant indigestion!

So it is with life. We never settle for second best when it comes to choosing a partner or a romantic getaway, a gastronomic restaurant or for that matter an authentic luxury award winning tented safari camp.

Life IS full of choices and it seems to me that making the best choice is not about cost as such but really all about quality, value for money and that lingering memory of knowing you have truly been there and got the (REAL) “burger”, not the copy.

Until we chat again.

Happy tracking!

Peter Hayward Safari Camp Outfitter Extraordinaire

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