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Grand safari greetings to you!

Imagine a business where on a 24/7 basis you are plotting, scheming and practicing the art of making people happy. Enthralling them. Creating effects they have possibly never experienced.

Think about that for a moment…

Every second of the working day you find yourself investigating new ways of enticing people, better ways to make their lives flow like a well written concerto – or crazier still, thinking up things for them to do that mere mortals never get the opportunity to experience. How are we doing so far?

You catch yourself at 3am twisting and turning as you envision a moment by moment walk through of the gift you plan on presenting, carefully noting each and every reaction along the way. You edit, clip and paste for hours on end and finally fall asleep as the sun lifts the blanket of darkness. But you’re not done yet are you?

Well let’s go a bit further and before we present them this gift of your carefully construed moment, throw in a bit of space, not much just a couple hundred thousand hectares or so. Pure, untouched. Virgin ground. While we are at it, ensure there are no other people in the vicinity. Just your group of individual souls touching earth in all its glory, the sky, the wind and perhaps the heat of the sun or the chill of a twinkling night sky around a roaring log fire…

Are they in absolute awe yet?

Ok, we are doing well for sure. But lets open the way and introduce into this another factor of self-serving volatility. Perhaps a herd of one thousand buffalo being trailed by fifteen hungry lion. Or bring those lion up real close, right into our space, our place of safety. Watch them and watch each being as it interacts with itself and those around them. Add in the trumpeting of a breeding herd of elephant as they storm past your view, in a silent cloud of survival intention.

You are on target now. Your recipients of this gift are understanding a lot more of who they are, perhaps, where they fit in and how all of this is gifted to them by a higher Beingness. A respectful silence has descended. But we’re still a long way from finished aren’t we?

What would you like to add in now? Perhaps the familiar surrounding of a bivouac – a tented camp? Something that stirs ancient memories with its aroma of the campfire accompanied by the glorious aroma of cooking wafting into the late afternoon sky. Don’t be shy, add in a nice big lump of romance, the soft sounds of a candlelit piano or the ancient strumming of a fireside guitar. Add in the background sound of crystal glasses clinking and ice as it swirls into a perfect gin & tonic with ever-present servants on hand at a moment’s call. It’s the heart of the moment.

Look deep into the fire as the darkness drifts over the camp and then look around at your creation and those participating in it.

Yes you’re in HOSPITALity. A caregiver of another kind.

You are a dreamer and a maker of dreams that come true. You are a creator and a creator of moments. You don’t understand the words “mediocre” or “fine” or “alright”. These responses represent failure to you. You’re a pioneer and an organizer. But mostly, you’re a dream catcher aren’t you?

I knew it!

Have you touched their souls lately?

Yours in exploration,
Peter Hayward
Safari Camp Outfitter Extraordinaire

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